Nursing Informatics Value Added Training & Education

Nursing Informatics Value Added Training & Education

Nursing Informatics Value Added Training & Education

Nursing Informatics competency is critical to career success.

Informatics competency is critical to the career success of today’s nurses and nursing students and it is more than just basic computer skills.

  • In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, how are you preparing nurses to be successful in this arena?
  • Can you clearly identify nursing informatics content and competencies in your program of study?
  • Are you empowering nurses to transfer their digital literacy skills to clinical practice?
  • Does your nursing curriculum cover the key nursing informatics competencies that nursing accreditation and regulatory agencies require for all nurses?
  • With the shortage of faculty, do you have access to experienced, credentialed informatics faculty?


Let NIVATE Online help …

What We Do!

A variety of state and national organizations are demanding increased competency in nursing informatics. This demand is influencing all aspects of nursing education including accrediting, licensing, and regulatory requirements. However, access to experienced and credentialed informatics faculty is scarce, leaving many schools of nursing unable to meet these requirements in their programs of study. NIVATE Online (pronounced “innovate” online) offers schools of nursing the opportunity to integrate nursing informatics content and skill development within their program of study.

NIVATE Online offers a solution to this dilemma using an online approach that provides informatics content using Interactive Competency Builders© or ICBs. These ICBs incorporate theory and application and can serve as a curricular thread or stand-alone course.

In collaboration with your curriculum committee and faculty members, ICBs are placed in key courses to allow students to meet entry-level nursing informatics competencies. The ICBs can be targeted to meet the learning needs of any level of student including licensed practical nurses, associate degree nurses, baccalaureate nurses and graduate nurses.

How We Do It!

Together, working with your curriculum committee and faculty, we identify where the NIVATE Online ICBs should be threaded in order to support course content and provide progressive informatics concepts and application. Currently, there are eighteen ICBs that can be used across all levels of nursing programs of study (practical, associate, baccalaureate, RN to BSN, and graduate/advanced practice) to allow nurses to meet entry-level nursing informatics competencies. More advanced informatics concepts that would be appropriate and advantageous to graduate programs are in the planning stages.

NIVATE Online faculty work together with school faculty using a collegial and collaborative approach to student learning. During the academic term, course faculty assign ICBs to students related to their coursework. The faculty also determines due dates and the influence of the ICBs on the course grade. Some programs choose to make these decisions at a curricular level, whereas others leave this decision up to the course faculty. It is the responsibility of NIVATE Online to field all questions from students related to informatics content. We also conduct test/item analysis, providing course faculty with grades. If they choose, school faculty may also request informatics related questions for use on their exams. At the end of each academic term, a mastery analysis report is provided to the school addressing how each student cohort performed on their assigned ICBs related to the stated learning outcomes.

What’s in an ICB?

Learning Outcomes


The learning outcomes for each ICB are driven by the mandated or recommended basic informatics competencies for beginning nurses and the ICB content. The organizations responsible for these competencies include the AACN, ACEN, TIGER, and QSEN.

Student Outcomes

Driven by the competencies and the ICB content, learning outcomes are identified for each ICB. Students should be able to demonstrate their understanding of these content areas and apply their knowledge to various healthcare situations. These outcomes provide a framework to guide students as they progress through the content and test.


Resources are located within each ICB. They include a variety of support materials for the interactive multimedia content and course navigation.

Interactive Multimedia

Our multimedia content provides “lecture” style content presented in an interactive format. Each ICB has audio that supports the content on the screen and provides navigation instructions. Each ICB presents informatics concepts and highlights supporting technologies.

In addition, many interactives require learners to engage with content on the screen. This interactivity may utilize buttons and arrows that provide additional information or require users to respond to clinical scenarios applying informatics concepts and related technology.

Outcomes Measurement


Each ICB has a timed, randomized online test. These tests are organized based upon learning outcomes and are designed to measure a student’s mastery of the informatics content. Test analysis is performed each academic term to monitor test integrity, evaluate new test questions, and improve overall testing metrics.


Students also complete an evaluation related to each ICB. These evaluations are used to provide feedback. These evaluations are reviewed each academic term and improvements are made as indicated.

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