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Routine System downtime on Friday Evenings!

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Required Software Plugins

Download Free Plugins using the links below:

Current Students

Welcome to the NIVATE Online program for Nursing Informatics! During this academic term you have been assigned to complete several Interactive Competency Builders or ICBs that present content related to different aspects of Nursing Informatics. An ICB is a group of interactive learning objects related to an informatics-related topic and designed for the online environment that is geared toward the development of specific learning outcomes.

Getting Started

Technical Requirements - The NIVATE Online program may be viewed with the Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browsers. If you experience display issues in Internet Explorer, please switch to one of the other browsers. MAC users who experience difficulty with Safari will need to use Chrome or Firefox for Mac.

All users will also need the following plugins installed on your computer: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash, and Java. Test your computer using the links on the left of the screen!

Use a WIRED connection if at all possible. Wireless access is not always consistent and can cause the program to freeze if you momentarily drop connection! Momentary drops do occur on all wireless networks and are particularly problematic during peak hours of use and in areas without strong wireless coverage. Refreshing or reloading the screen will often correct this drop, but you may need to login again if this does not correct the problem. 

NOTE: New students for AY2014-2015 will be oriented during class.


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Troubleshooting Games in ICBs


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Remember the Routine System Downtime on Friday Evenings!
Do not attempt to use the system during this time.

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