“How do we prepare nurses for the future of healthcare?”

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“Information is critical to effective decision-making and integral to quality nursing practice. As nurses ourselves, we’ve worked in information intensive environments. Advances in information technology create significant advancement opportunities for nurses regardless of where they are in their practice. Nursing Informatics provides an opportunity to shape and transform evidence-based healthcare, improve patient care and patient outcomes, skills that are crucial to the future of our profession. We created NIVATE Online to educate, empower and enable the next generation of nursing.”  

 Dr. Pam Taylor and Dr. Leigh Ann McInnis

Pam Taylor
Dr. Pam Taylor
Nursing Informatics Expert, CEO, Cyber Healthcare Solutions, Founder, NIVATE Online Nursing Informatics

During my extensive career as a nurse, I have had various roles in both academic and service settings that allowed me to be involved with the early beginnings of nursing informatics and technology implementation. As an early adopter of technology, I combined my passion for education and technology into a career that has provided me with the opportunity to lead change, implement technology, and develop and manage online education for all levels of healthcare professionals. Those experiences were the catalyst for creating NIVATE Online.

Dr. Leigh Ann McInnis
Dr. Leigh Ann McInnis
Educator, Online Education Expert, Nursing Informatics, NIVATE Online

As an educator, registered nurse and family nurse practitioner, I have had the opportunity to be involved in nursing education, nursing leadership and patient care. I recognized early in my career the power of technology and data and the role it plays in education and quality patient care delivery. Various roles related to designing curriculum, online course development and e-learning have led me to my current involvement in online education and the integration of entry-level informatics competencies into nursing education.

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