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NIVATE Online prepares you for high-tech, information-rich, patient care delivery, which allows you to leverage informatics content and puts you a step ahead in your nursing career.

Prepare Your Computer


Before you begin each academic term, spend some time making sure that your computer is setup to access the ICB content and resources.


The NIVATE Online program is best viewed using the Firefox or Chrome browsers for both the PC and MAC platforms.  The new Windows 10 Microsoft EDGE browser is also compatible.

  • MAC users please do not use Safari to take any tests.  This browser is no longer supported by the learning management system and will result in errors in the testing process.
  • Internet Explorer (any versions) is not compatible and is not recommended due to security issues

Internet Connection

When you interact with the NIVATE Online program, it is best to use a WIRED or home wireless connection. This is primarily because public wireless access and hot spots (such as in fast food restaurants or bookstores) do not provide a solid internet connection. This type of access may cause your computer to freeze or cause momentary drops in your connection.

Momentary drops occur on all wireless networks, particularly during peak hours of use and in areas without strong wireless coverage. Refreshing or reloading the screen will often correct this drop, but you may need to login again if this does not correct the problem. These types of wireless issues will not overly influence your interaction with lecture or multimedia content, but could significantly affect your success on timed tests.

Required Plugins and Allow Pop Ups

In addition to a supported browser, all users will need the following software plugins installed on their computer: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash, and Java.  It is critical (and required) that these free plugins are up to date in order for the NIVATE Online content to function properly.

Note, these programs update frequently so be sure and check for updates of JAVA and FLASH if content or tests do not appear to be working smoothly. For your convenience, you can test your computer using the links below!  Each will open in a new window/tab.

The ICB content will have popup windows that provide additional information and interactivity. Be sure to “Allow Popups” in your browser and any additional search tools that may be in your browser. Need help? Review the How to Disable Common PopUp Blockers handout.

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Before  proceeding, review the Orientation!

Remember there is a system downtime on Friday evenings!

Links below open in a new window:

Download the How to Navigate handout. 

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Get Help or Ask a Question


Having an issue with your account or the platform? Get Help.

Have a question about content? Ask A Question

Your school has chosen to integrate informatics content into your program of study, providing you with a solid background in nursing informatics.

Upon graduation you’ll have the fundamental skills and knowledge to influence quality and safety, integrate dynamic technology and make evidence-based clinical decisions, improving your care and patient outcomes in today’s complex healthcare environment.